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Meet Terrence Taylor


   Terrence Taylor is a short-term missionary who is originally from Flora, MS. Flora is the definition of small town, USA. The population is under 2000 people and it is known for its petrified forest which is one of only two in the eastern United States. Terrence currently lives in Hattiesburg, MS.

   Terrence has a love for traveling and serving around the world.  His life goal is to travel to and serve in at least 50 different countries, he is currently at 15.
   Those countries consist of Bahamas, Kuwait, Iraqi, Mexico, Kenya, Guatemala, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, France, Philippians, Cambodia, South Korea, Canada and Jamaica.
   Terrence is 35 years old and his life is full of adventure. He joined the military at 19, got married at 22, became a police officer and a first-time dad at 23. Went to war at 25, became a father for the second time at 26, then a third-time father at 29. At 30 he became a licensed minister and a short-term missionary. At 31 he started his own business and nonprofit. At 33 he wrote his first book “The Seed: The Source of Life,” not published yet. After writing the book he wanted to figure out how to present the book to the world so he wrote a devotional, Finding Wisdom: A Testimony of the Short-Term Missionary”. In Terrence’s book, “The Seed,” he teachers’ great biblical principles. In the devotional Terrence shares his heart about his purpose. 

Terrence has fallen in LOVE with short-term mission work and in his devotional, you can feel his passion for serving the Lord around the World. His devotional is a collection of lessons he learned while serving.
   The devotional inspired Terrence to create a Blog, “Finding Wisdom.” The purpose of the Blog is to share the Wisdom he is Finding, GOING around the world being the hands and feet of God. 


Click on "Finding Wisdom" tab to see what country Terrence has been to lately and where he is going next. 

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