Love: The Universal Language - Day 1

My first day on the mission field was challenging. Although my team had prepared the best we knew, the barriers to communication and, therefore, connection with the children we served, became very clear. That night I prayed, “Lord, I believe You sent me here to serve the people of Reynosa, but how do I serve them when I can’t communicate with them?” I believe God answered my prayers by leading me to the Bible verse, John 3:16. The Lord was telling me to simply love the children and do not worry about the communication barrier.

The next day, we visited a local community center in the city. Our team had been planning entertainment for the children at the center. There were more children than we had expected, and we needed more leaders to be a part of the “clown ministry.” I was asked to help, and with a smile on my face, I replied, “Yes!” My team appeared surprised at my agreement, as I would not usually jump for the opportunity to play the role of a clown. As I slowly put on the big red nose and huge shoes, I thought to myself, “What are you doing?”

Once the program began, I danced, sang, and played with the children. I noticed that although I could not speak any Spanish, the children were drawn to me. Many of them gestured at my hat, to try it on. They played with the big red nose, and the kids asked to have photos taken while they wore the clown clothes. The experience proved the power of love through communication without words.

While the kids were feeding their grinning faces with pizza, I sat to the side to collect my thoughts. The tears seemed to race down my face as I heard the Lord begin whispering John 3:16 in my ear: “For God so loved the world that He gave….” The verse became clear! I learned that God used us to show His love to others, despite language or cultural barriers. When we give love, we connect with people.

THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE IS LOVE! For God so LOVED the world, He gave. God gave His Son. God wants us to offer our time, talents, and treasure, and above everything else, God wants us to give the Love He gives to us.

You Find Wisdom by Sharing God’s Love to the World.

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