Miraculous Healing - Day 13

In Isaiah 53, the Prophet Isaiah says that, “ His wounds we are healed.” On my mission trip to Kitale, Kenya, my understanding of the verse completely changed. I understood that God is a Healer and I had the faith to pray for people to be healed. My eyes had seen people be healed miraculously, but I had never personally experienced it. 

In September 2016, that all changed. On this mission trip, we were building a women’s dormitory for a Bible college. We dug the holes, poured concrete and moved a lot of rocks. As I was walking around the construction site, I stepped into a hole. There was a wheelbarrow in my path, when I tried to walked around it, I stepped into a hole. My leg went into the hole and my left knee hit the side of the wheelbarrow handle. My knee cap went right but the wheelbarrow did not move. I collapsed into the hole. My knee cap was completely dislocated. 

I was in shock and the whole trip flashed before my eyes. My thoughts were racing. I thought, “I don’t want to go to a hospital in Kenya and I don’t want to sit up for the next week and a half. How will I make that bumpy 8-hour drive back to Nairobi in that small van? How will I be able to ride in a plane for 19 hours?” I was overcome with fear but through all of that, the weirdest thing happened: I did not feel any pain! 

David Prehn, our medic, rushed over to me. A group of guys picked me up and placed me into the shade on that construction site in Kitale, Kenya. David grabbed my knee cap to put it back into place. As he put my knee back into place, I braced myself for pain. Yet, I still felt no pain. The men moved me to the main house, and I sat up with my knee wrapped. We ate lunch and the team went back to work as I sat in that living room with my knee propped up. I asked the Lord, “Why?” 

As an answer, this verse was placed on my heart: “But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed.”

What I prayed for others, I experienced for myself. 

That night, I was walking on that knee without assistance; the next morning, I was back at work. The medic said that he had never seen anyone recover so quickly from this type of injury. He stated when he placed his hands on my knee cap that it was completely dislocated and for me to be able to walk and work so soon is nothing short of a Miracle. 

You can Find Wisdom through Healing.

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