The Adventures of Officer Taylor part II

Like I said at the beginning of my last post, the past 16 years of my life have been full of Adventures. After being at the Jackson Police Department for 3 years, I got deployed to Iraq. After Iraq, I did two years’ active duty at Camp Shelby Military Base. Then I was transferred to the Hattiesburg Police Department, which I did for a year and a half before leaving the Law Enforcement to start working at a church, becoming a licensed minister and short-term missionary. I went on about 15 - 20 mission trips and decided to return to Law Enforcement.

Now, I currently work at a high school as a School Resource Officer. Best job ever! I get off for Summer Break, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break and still get paid when I am off work. So, during those breaks, I like to travel with the family or go on mission trips.

But the last two years in Law Enforcement was the hardest. You would think working for the school would be less stressful, but it’s not, to be honest, it’s more.

This brings me to the last story I told at The Moth - StorySLAM.

While at the high school, I come across a lot of different situations, but there is this one incident that’s burned in my brain.

We have this one student, let’s call him, Roger.

Roger is a 300 lbs artistic student that doesn’t feel pain. When he was younger, he would bite on his hands, when he was nervous or not feeling good, till they bled. Now that he is older and realizes how strong he is, he likes to grab people. So, when he is having a bad day, we try to remove him from his classroom and let him sit with our Behavior Specialist. For some reason, he doesn’t grab her, I guess he likes her and not me so much because he has grabbed me many times.

This one day, while in her office, while having a bad day, Roger asked to go to the restroom. He was in there for a while, so the Behavior Specialist went to check on him. She knocked on the door and said, “Roger, are you ok?” He stepped into the doorway, wearing not one ounce of clothes and said, “yes, ma’am.”

I get a call on the radio, “Officer Taylor, we need you at Main Hall Restroom.” And when I got there, they said, “Roger is butt naked in the restroom. We need your help to get him to put his clothes back on, please.”

I went into the restroom and asked Roger to put his clothes back on, to which he replied, “Roger, a bad boy.” I said, “no, but you need to put your clothes on.”

As I was talking, I could see a student out the corner of my right eye at the sink washing his hand, staring in the mirror, and not moving a muscle. He must have been in there for at least 10 minutes. I told him that he could go, so he ran out of the restroom. This startled Roger and he goes to grab the student but I grabbed Roger’s hands and asked him to calm down.

While that was going on, another student walked out of the stall. He was looking at the door, debating whether he should run. I told him to go, but he was hesitant and Roger reached for him. I took control of Roger’s hands and the student escaped.

At this time, Roger is extremely agitated. And he pushed my back to the wall. Remember, this is a 300 lbs, naked artistic student that doesn’t feel pain and is extremely strong. An assistant principal walked in too, and upon seeing the situation, immediately walked out of the restroom. A few seconds later, when he had regained his composure, he returned. We were able to calm Roger down, and he put his clothes back on and had a good day.

With that, I ended my StorySLAM. As you can see, this is just the tip of a huge iceberg of stories I have experienced in the past 16 years. I tell my kids a new story every week of the things I see and experience. I say to them, “if I ever write a children’s book, I will name it, The Adventures of Officer Taylor.”

That night, I placed in the top 5, and I fell in love with The Moth- StorySLAM. I plan to do it again in March, the theme then is “Challenges.”

And that night, I learned that….

You can Find Wisdom in sharing your Story.

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