The Attack - Day 7

Two years ago I wrote a book, Finding Wisdom: The Testimony of a Short-Term Missionary. I finally completed the book and plan to release in on August 8th, 2020. The book is a 30-Day Devotional about my mission trips during a 3 year span.

This story is Day-7 of the book and my first mission trip to Kenya, Africa. We went to Kenya in November 2015 and supported an amazing ministry, Joy Divine Children Home. Check out to links below to learn more about my book and Joy Divine Children Home.

…..Two days before we prepared to leave Kenya and return to the United States, the compound we resided in, was attacked. The details of the attack were reminiscent of a plot of an action movie.

A few men armed with spears and machetes cut the electric cables line and caused the whole area in a one-mile radius to lose power. They entered the compound and went into one of the apartments, attempting to take valuables. A woman’s scream caused the others in the compound to wake up. Our host family fought off the attackers and they fled the compound.

We learned the next morning that the attackers were trying to get to our group’s sleep area. Since we were protected behind steel doors, the attackers went into the other apartments. These men noticed our cell phones, computers, tablets and cameras while we were in the city serving in the slums and they plotted to take our valuables.

One can only imagine how shaken up we were. The lesson I learned from this incident was that while danger is always present, God continues to protect us.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

God was with us and He did not leave us. Though this He taught me how to help the team get their minds off of what could have happened and focus on what really happened. Yes, the compound was attacked, but we were protected and covered by the Lord.

I had served in Iraq as a Military Police Officer and I have been in numerous dangerous situations. A strategy I learned to implement when dealing with those frightening situations was to change my focus.

While traveling in our vehicles the next morning after the attack, I could sense that everyone was still focusing on what happened that night. So, I asked them to tell a story of when they were afraid but now they can look back on the story and laugh about it. I shared a story about a time when I was in Iraq and the Iraqi Police Station we used for training was attacked. The other soldiers and I were just as nervous during that event, but days later we laughed about everything that happened. Our perspective could have been set on that unfortunate event, but we decided to focus on the positive.

My mission team members in the vehicle each shared a story. We laughed and I noticed that everyone’s focus had shifted.

You Find Wisdom when you Shift your Perspective.

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