The Eye of The Storm

Two years ago, we added a new member to our family. We did not adopt a child, but we did adopt a puppy. A friend of the family rescues dogs and one of her friends found this small lab mixed puppy walking on the side of Hwy 49 in Wiggins, MS. She had no collar and was only 6 weeks old. This lady who loves animals stopped and picked the puppy up.

Now she already had a house full of dogs and cats that she rescued and did not have room for a new puppy. She started asking around and talked to her friend, who she used to rescue animals with. The friend of the family asked us if we were looking to add a new member to the family. We had understood rule in the house, “we will not get a pet until everyone in the house knew how to clean up behind themselves.” We realized that this wouldn’t happen until all the kids moved out so we planned to meet the puppy.

Alana, our oldest, had been asking for a pet for years so she was excited to meet the little puppy. It was love at first sight for our family. The lady who rescued the puppy said that they have been calling her Sassy because of all the energy she had. But if we were going to take her in, we had to give her a new name. We wanted her to feel like she was ours. We bounced around a lot of names but Storm is that one that stuck. She is named after the X-Men, Storm. A strong black female superhero that controls the weather, the perfect name for our new addition.

Storm “Stormy” Taylor

It didn’t take long for Storm to make herself at home. The first few weeks were hard because she popped and peed everywhere. And when she wasn’t doing that, she was ripping things up, but she settled down after a while.

We took Storm to the beach a few months after getting her and she had a blast. She was running up and down the beach and running to the edge of the water but was too afraid to get in. As she did this, I realized something – Storm’s life had changed completely. A few months prior, she was walking down Hwy 49 with no food or family and now she is taking vacations with us and eating as much as her heart desire. She is now a Taylor and she would never want for nothing as long as she is with us.

Storm came into our lives like a hurricane, but there are times with her we get to see her calm and peaceful side. We get to see the “Eye of The Storm.”

We Found Wisdom in having a pet in the house. Just like Storm, we wander in this world lost, but when we are Adopted by Jesus Christ, we are given access to a new family.

You can Find Wisdom in a Rescued Puppy Named Storm….

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