Understanding Dyslexia

Growing up I had a problem with reading and understanding what I read. I did well in school only because I had an amazing memory. I would hear in class and was able to understand and apply what I heard to my work. But when I read, to understand and apply, I would get lost. But I managed and graduated High School with a B average, then graduated college with a B average also. It may have taken me a lot longer than 4 years to graduate college but I graduated.

I always understood that I learned and read differently but I didn’t realize I had a disorder until my oldest child entered the 2nd Grade. She struggled with reading and had an F in a particular subject but all A’s in everything else. We got her a private tutor, and we spent hours with her doing homework. But everything we did still wasn’t enough to help her read, understand, and apply what she was taught in class.

We felt like we weren’t making any progress. We were told to get her tested for a learning disorder. At first, we were offended, saying, “Our baby is not dumb, she doesn’t have anything wrong with her.” We felt we just needed to push her harder or we needed to do a better job teaching her. Once, we realize that there’s nothing we were doing wrong or anything our daughter should be doing more of. We came to the conclusion that she needs a different kind of help and we need to get her tested to see what that help was.

So, what is Dyslexia? Since 2016 I did a lot of reading and research on the topic of Dyslexia. The best description I came across was from Malcolm Galdwell in his book, David and Goliath.

Malcolm stated that if you do a brain scan on a person with dyslexia, the images that are produced seem strange. He says that the critical parts of the brain that deal with reading and processing words in a person with dyslexics have less gray matter. This means they don’t have as many brain cells in those areas as they should.

While the fetus was developing in the womb, neurons that should be in that area of the brain that helps with reading and processing words went somewhere else. Malcolm goes more in-depth with his explanation but I am only going to skim the surface. In his book, David and Goliath, he titles the chapter; “You Wouldn’t Wish Dyslexia on your Child. Or Would you?” Excellent read, if you want to know more about the topic.

When we finally got her tested, we realized that it was the best decision we ever made. The test showed that she had a learning disability and it also showed that she had an above average IQ.

We started the process to enroll our daughter into a school that specialized in Dyslexia. The Founder, Mrs. C, gave us a tour and talked about how a lot of her students struggled in regular school but once they got to her school they thrive. As she was talking my eyes begins to water, I thought about how I struggled all through school but realized that my daughter wouldn’t have to go through the pain and suffering I went through. Mrs. C handed me a tissue without missing a beat, she said that a lot of our parents have this response. She asked if I struggled with reading when I was younger. I said yes but was never diagnosed with a learning disorder, I just adapted and tried to overcome it.

For a year, we worried, we prayed, we went over and over sight words (sight words are what they use to teach kids to read nowadays), and now our prayers were being answered. A peace came over me at the moment, I knew that my daughter would get the help she needed.

Mrs. C is a great example of someone who is living their Life Purpose. Her decision to start a school for kids with Dyslexia changed our lives. I can only imagine how many lives she touched because of her desire to do what God created her to do.

Four years have passed since that meeting with Mrs. C. My daughter spent three years at that school and received the skills she needed to thrive in a regular school setting. She has not only succeeded in public school but she is flourishing. She finished her 6th Grade School year with All A’s and a B, a drastic contrast to her 2nd Grade year.

This experience did not only helped me Understand Dyslexia but it also helped me to understand that I should know my Life Purpose and live it.

Question: do you know your Life Purpose and are you living it?

You Find Wisdom when you Understand your Life Purpose

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